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First and foremost: Yugi is the only one different in this AU; everyone else retains the same gender/sex/gender presentation combo. Which, yes, means Atem is still male.

She is the same kind of socially-awkward, naive nerd that original flavor Yugi is, although with the caveat that growing up as a girl, she learned to be a little more careful around people, especially men. Of course, not that it stops her from getting bullied or creeped on, because you really can't avoid that when you're a tiny girl nerd, but she learned that you can't trust everyone, even as much as she wants to. Her mum's voice is eternally in her head telling her not to trust strangers with candy, because oh lord did she have a problem with trusting strangers with candy (and seemingly helpful strangers, and strange men on the internet, and "girls" on the internet, etc.) when she was young.

Anzu is still her BFF, and she crushes on her a little bit. Anzu's cool, outgoing, and good at sports and things, and seems so confident. Also, she's tall. (Yugi wants so bad to be tall, because at the very least people would take her more seriously sob.) They have been friends since forever, Anzu being more than a little bit of her protector and teachers in the way of Ladies' Secrets. Yugi is a little afraid she'll get a boyfriend and then they won't spend time together anymore, though that hasn't been a problem yet.

Of course, Yugi plays a lot of games; she also spends a lot of time on the computer playing computer games and talking to people about games, because it's a lot easier to find people who are interested there. Her favorite kinds are card games, strategy and role-playing games; she is good at maths and thinking ahead and will take you for all your money in poker. Or in Risk, if you like to bet on Risk.

Of course, she doesn't generally have a lot of people to play with; her mum tries to discourage her from it since it's a bit childish, and she's never had a lot of friends. Anzu's happy to play with her, though, and if Grandpa stops being a creeper he can play. (GRANDPA STOP MAKING ANZU UNCOMFORTABLE, SHE IS MY VERY GOOD FRIEND, PLEASE RESPECT HER AS A PERSON) She also runs IRC role-playing games occasionally.

On that note, while Yugi's generally pretty meek, once she considers you a friend, all filters are off. She can actually be relatively critical and kind of snarky, and if you're family or friends she can dish it out, too. She is also kind of a terrifying GM. Like, look at that face, then look at her horrifying Call of Cthulhu-esque adventures, then look back at her. It's always the quiet ones.

When The Other Her/Yami Yugi/Atem takes over, she still appears female, although she adopts a different posture and speaking style that reads as more masculine, and uses "ore" instead of "watashi".

UHHHHH RELATIONSHIP WITH JOU AND HONDA: the way they became friends and the dynamic of their relationship is a little different, because Yugi doesn't read as "one of the guys." I sort of feel like they might have been messing with her without realizing she is the Fluttershy of this show, which is to say, someone you just don't prank unless you know her really really well, and then that asshole Ushio showed up and events eventuated.

OTHER STUFF: She has a lot of feels about the representation of women in gaming, both as characters and as members of the culture. LOTS OF FEELS. About which she will talk forever unless you distract her. Sometimes she gets really pissy about it.

Oh, and she plays guitarrrr. Because I said so and also because I'm using Kagamine Rin for her PB whoops


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